Scullion headline Triskel Christchurch with songs from their incredible repertoire spanning a four decade career. One of Ireland’s favourite folk outfits, a night not to be missed.

Sonny Condell, Greg Boland and Philip King first met in Cork City in the mid-seventies and have released seven studio albums of Irish folk-rock under the guise of Scullion. When Triskel Artistic Director Tony Sheehan suggested they “reform, come home and play” as part of Triskel’s 30th Anniversary in 2008 it began a rebirth and revitalisation in the bands creative energy.

In 2012 Triskel brought Scullion on a ten date nationwide tour following the launch of their album Long Wave at Triskel Christchurch. The album was released following their reformation and broke a 27 year hiatus and includes a new version of Philip King’s Fear and an instrumental by Robbie Overson, among other new material.

In the decades Scullion have been making music and performing together they have amassed an impressive repertoire, most of it drawn from the creative genius of Condell, whose subtle lyricism and matchless melody lines bear scant kinship to anyone else on the planet.